PHP Engines App Now Live in the ClearOS Marketplace

PHP Engines App Now Live in the ClearOS Marketplace

28 Feb
One of the often requested ClearOS enhancements has been to add the ability to support newer PHP versions than the long-term supported version of PHP that is included with ClearOS.

Today, we're happy to announce that the ClearOS and WikiSuite teams have worked together to develop a solution to this challenge.

PHP Engines, one of the new ClearOS Marketplace apps designed for ClearOS version 7.4, allows you to install multiple PHP versions under ClearOS in the Web Server app so that different technologies can simultaneously use the various versions of PHP that other suites have as their requirements.

The PHP Engines app allows an administrator to select the PHP version to run inside each individual web server virtual host.

This app greatly enhances the ability of ClearOS to function as a web server and can even allow for each hosted website to have a varied version of PHP.

PHP Engines is useful since emerging web applications may use newer engines than the engine that is available with the long-term supported version of PHP included with ClearOS and also allows for the removal of conflict over which PHP version to use by giving granular control to each virtual web server you configure.

We'd like to thank the WikiSuite team for all of the work done to give ClearOS users this new ability to run multiple PHP versions on the same system.