Utah Technology Council Hall Of Fame Then & Now

Drew Major - was the Lead Architect and Developer of NetWare" was inducted into the Utah Technology Councils Hall of Fame in 2005 as Drew Major was one of the founders of Novell and the lead architect and developer of NetWare for over 15 years. In 1981 Drew and his partners Kyle Powell, Dale Neibaur and Mark Hurst saw the value of enabling PCs to share files and other resources via local area networks (LAN). By 1991 NetWare was the “killer app” that was driving PC and most LAN deployments. Drew was inducted into the National Computer Industry Hall of Fame in 1999. He continues to be a passionate developer of high-performance network server software.

What will the next killer app be? Will it be Cloud-Based (Off-Premise)  or LAN-Based (On-Premies) or a combination (hybrid) of both? And who on this amazing list (from right to left) of industry leaders do you think could lead the next charge? ...


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by David Politis