Hybrid Service Provider Seven Year Forecast

According to the 2017 January ISG Index we will see momentum building as continued public and hybrid cloud offerings ramp and traditional on-premise offerings will feel an impact as spending continues to shift from on-premise to off-premise, and we expect to see double-digit combined hybrid market(s) to start growing in 2017 and continuing to grow for many years to come.

If you are a Managed Service Provider (MSP) and apart of the growing declining market for traditional MSP services or traditional IT Out Sourcing services what is it going to take for you to explore new ways to embrace change, provide more value, scale your offerings, acquire more customers and make more money without allowing your clients to float away to the "cloud"? It's not more complicated than shifting to delivering combined and intelligently integrated offerings which include both Off-Premise and On-Premise solutions to your customers. Illustrated below...

Been saying this for years and finally, in Q4 2016 the data speaks for itself, declining 5% in a growing market. Don't believe me read the data for yourself.  2017 January ISG Index

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by Michael Proper
Hybrid Service Providers: Who Are They?

"In a secret meeting room at a massive IT conference, Michael Proper is holding court. Watch the doorway to this hidden meeting room, and you’ll notice Fortune 500 IT executives, midmarket leaders and channel partners entering, disappearing for an hour or two, and then reemerging in the world we know. Heck, a rogue blogger may have even found his way into the room…

What exactly is going on behind those closed doors? Ahem, mum’s the word (at least for now). But you can find some clues if you track recent, publicly announced developments at ClearCenter, which offers a management platform (and more) for on-premises and cloud services...

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by Joe Panettieri