ClearCARE Support Packs (Level lII)

Level III ClearCARE Support is reserved for technical support incidents where it is difficult to scope the duration of time an incident may take to resolve or require an individual having an extremely high skill set - beyond that of team members handling Level I and II requests. Upon client approval, a support incident that has been categorized as Level III will be escalated to an individual on our sysadmin or software development team or within a trusted network of ClearCenter technology partners. End user will work directly with one or more individuals assigned to this issue until a mutually agreeable solution is found.


  • I would like to compile a driver, FooBar, for kernel X.Y.Z. Please assist.
  • My organization requires a signed SSL certificate from a Certificate Authority when accessing mail. How do I go about doing this?
  • One of my HDD just failed in a RAID I array. Can you help me rebuild the new disk and get my array in sync?


    *Not Available for ClearOS Community Edition

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    While there are those who pride themselves on their ability to self-support their IT environment, many organizations and individuals prefer (or require) access to professional support services. ClearCARE is ClearCenter's technical support subscription designed to meet the needs of a wide range of budgets and support requirements.

    ClearCARE support is grouped into three categories - Level I, II and III. Each category progressively increases both the technical competency deemed necessary to satisfactory resolve a technical support incident and potential time (and urgency) that may be required. For clarity, ClearCARE Level I is defined below with examples of support incidents which would qualify.