ClearCenter’s ClearEnergy Partner Program

Welcome To the ClearEnergy Partner Program

Well To The ClearCenter Partner Program
Thank you for your interest in ClearCenter's ClearEnergy Partner Program. As a ClearCenter partner, you'll have access to sell the full ClearEnergy product line and also access to sell all ClearCenter products if desired.

We're here to help you along the way with sales tools, support and training options to make your entire staff ClearEnergy experts. ClearCenter offers generous margin on ClearEnergy products plus you keep 100% of the fees you charge the customer for installation. We offer lead sharing and co-op marketing opportunities depending on your partnership level and activity.

When you are ready to expand your service offerings beyond energy storage, ClearCenter has you covered with entirely new opportunities for recurring monthly revenue streams from sales of other ClearCenter products covering PC network security and IT management services featuring cloud, server, network, and gateway products for IT administrators. ENROLL

Why Is This Good For Your Business

Maximize Profits

Partners realize strong profit margins with ClearPOWER in multiple ways. Low wholesale costs, for a system in high demand by your customers, realizes a quick turn on your investment for great profit margins. Decreased complexity, through our training and support, means faster installation times that partners reap from offering that quality service.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

ClearPOWER systems enable our partners to provide peace of mind to their customers. ClearPOWER energy storage systems exceed customer experiences, let’s them take full advantage of power, and empowers them with efficient and usable energy.

Hybrid Service Provider

As a ClearEnergy partner, you are part of the entire ClearCenter team. Not only is your business enabled to generate more sales and revenue through the ClearPOWER product family, but you are enabled should you desire to expand your services to our ClearCenter residential and commercial technologies.

Your Opportunity

Since our inception we have focused on developing affordable cutting-edge technologies and systems that cater to the energy independence, security, and peace of mind of homeowners. These solutions speak to today's eco-friendly consumers. It is these innovative technologies of ClearEnergy, which provides our partners with significant revenue stream opportunities. ClearEnergy is the only company to offer such an amazing opportunity.

Partners profit from our expertise and support. To ensure that you maximize your potential, we offer extensive training and marketing support focused on enabling a profitable business with strong brand identity. You will benefit from a solid support system. You will have access to the ClearCenter Partner portal, sales and marketing materials, training, videos, lead distribution, account management, as well as regular business reviews with an assigned ClearEnergy Channel Account Manager and technical team.

Partner Program Benefits

ClearCenter & ClearEnergy partners will also benefit from the following value adds:

What are the partner benefits As a ClearEnergy Partner, What Are My Opportunities for Revenue?
As a ClearEnergy reseller, you’ll be able to earn a high margin reselling ClearEnergy’s ClearPOWER product line. You also have full control over the customer installation process and keep 100% of any installation fees you charge the customer.
What are the benefits How Can ClearEnergy/ClearCenter Help Me Add Value for My Customers and Let Me Stand Out Compared to Other Solar Resellers/Installers?
If you offer Solar Power products today, ClearEnergy gives you a huge value-add in the ability to sell customers the peace of mind knowing that the lights will stay on even when the electrical grid goes down or when the Sun isn’t up. Many ClearEnergy partners are seeing huge attach rates - especially when you roll the cost of a ClearEnergy solution into your total finance package.
Who is the target audience? Who is the target audience?
SMBs that depend on an IT partners as their one-stop, IT partners that are a one-stop shop for SMBs, SMBs that are high tech hobbyists and enthusiasts that are not afraid to build it themselves.
How are we better or different then the competition How is ClearEnergy different than other energy storage providers?
ClearEnergy’s ClearPOWER P2 model is the only product on the market today that is fully integrated into a customer’s breaker box yet also detachable and portable. While docked at home, the P2 provides automatic failover to keep critical circuits up and running. Undock the P2 and it provides power for your RV or camping needs while on the go.

ClearEnergy Partnership Tiers

Benefits & Commitments
Lead generation
  • Use of ClearCenter Partner Badge
  • Listing on ClearCenter Website
  • Link to your website in Partner Directory
  • Access to ClearCenter Lead Reports
  • Regional Partner Resource for Other Partners
Customer Management
  • Client Portal Management
  • Customized Reporting
Sales & Marketing
  • Print Ready Leave Behind Material
  • Print Ready Product Comparisons
  • Develop & Sell App in Marketplace
  • Membership to Training Organizations
  • ClearCenter Product Training
  • Co-Op Marketing
  • Custom Marketing Material
Commercial Support
  • ClearCenter Product Training
  • Third Party Product Pricing
  • Monthly Product Pricing
Partner Commitment
  • Partner Enrollment Fee
  • Product Purchase Commitment*
  • Regional Fee**
  • An Active Company Website
  • An Active E-Mail Address with Your Domain
  • Link Exchange with ClearCenter
Skilled Training
  • Certification Commitment
Skilled Deployment
  • Active ClearCenter Production Environments
Registered Partner
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • $150/year
  • -
  • -
  • -
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Recommended Partner
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • $2,500/year
  • -
  • 5
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Regional Partner
  • -
  • $36,000/year
  • $5,000 per 1M Population
  • 10
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ENROLL *Product purchase commitment must be met prior to enrollment. Ongoing annual purchase commitments apply to retain partner status.
**Each geographic region will be assessed a one-time regional fee based upon population at the time of enrollment. Pricing is $5,000 USD per 1M population.
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