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Welcome To The ClearCenter Partner Program

Well To The ClearCenter Partner Program
As an HPE partner, you are automatically pre-qualified to enroll as a ClearCenter partner at no charge. ClearCenter is pleased to offer all HPE partners a free ClearCenter Registered Partner level enrollment.

After you deploy your first 3 ClearOS paid deployments HPE partners can enjoy the additional benefits and discounts of a ClearCenter Recommended Partner with 2yrs of partnership commits included; that’s a ($5,000 value) and access to the new Partner Rewards Program (currently by invitation only to select HPE Partners).

As a ClearCenter Partner, you’ll benefit from access to industry changing technology, upper tier engineers as part of the ClearCARE support channel, product discounts, product materials and more. Enroll below to get started.


Why Is This Good For Your Business

Maximize Profits

Partners make money using ClearOS in many different ways. Decreased upfront costs when buying the product means higher margins. Decreased complexity means faster installation times. Increased stability means less time maintaining costly complex solutions.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

ClearOS delivers a turn-key solution that spans Server applications, Networking protocols, Gateway security & best-in-class stability, at a fraction of the cost, and using 1 system instead of many systems isolated inside the network. This means increased performance and decreased costs.

Hybrid Service Provider

As a trusted consultant you know some applications are ideal for cloud deployments. However, getting disparate technologies to work seamlessly can be a challenge. As a Hybrid Service Provider, you will now have the tools to deliver Hybrid IT the way it was designed. Simple. Secure. Affordable.

How Do You Make Money

In the late 1990’s service providers were faced with the challenge of ‘how do I sell enough, to grow my business fast enough to provide quality service to my customers when I make so little margin?’. This left technologists providing break-fix services for hourly rates with little stickiness and low customer retention.

Fast forward to the 2000’s and a new model emerges commonly known as the Managed Service Provider. These providers took advantage of offerings such as financing, monthly flat rate pricing, SaaS help desk solutions, and many other economies of scale to leverage a higher margin, lower price solution for their customer.

Today the Cloud offers many beneficial tools for service providers and customers alike, however can introduce challenges to partners who rely on the stickiness of their service to maintain the network as a whole; both on premises and off premises. Today’s service providers have begun delivering Hybrid IT, and are more commonly known as Hybrid Service Providers. ClearCenter builds tools to enable HSPs (Hybrid Service Providers).

Below is an illustration showing customers monthly cost as the models have matures, and how parts make more money selling ClearOS solutions as an HSP while lowering their customer costs.


Partner Program Benefits

ClearCenter & Hewlett Packard Enterprise partners will also benefit from the following value adds:

What are the partner benefits What are the partner benefits - what can they do that they couldn’t do before?
Partners can replace multiple, single function, expensive, difficult to support/manage network, gateway, and server systems with a single, multi-function, low cost, easier to support/manage server that can be customized and grown and integrated into most IT infrastructure.
What are the benefits What are the benefits for channel partners, distributors and integrators?
A single, multi-function, low cost, easier to support/manage server that can be customized and grown and integrated into any IT infrastructure. This means lower costs and higher margins based on recurring monthly service revenue.
Who is the target audience? Who is the target audience?
SMBs that depend on an IT partners as their one-stop, IT partners that are a one-stop shop for SMBs, SMBs that are high tech hobbyists and enthusiasts that are not afraid to build it themselves.
How are we better or different then the competition How are we better or different then the competition?
What are the key differentiators of this solution? HPE is the exclusive IHV partner to deliver ClearOS, only IHV to provide partners with this kind of margin growth opportunity, only IHV to deliver a single, multi-functional, low cost, easier to support/manage server. Additional integration work coming with HPE ProLiant iLO and management tools.
HPE Partners get 2yrs Free – Registered Level Enroll Below
Benefits & Commitments
Lead generation
  • Use of ClearCenter Partner Badge
  • Listing on ClearCenter Website
  • Link to your Website Listing in Directory
  • Access to ClearCenter lead reports
  • Regional Product Resource for Other Partners
Customer Management
  • Client Portal Management
  • Customized Reporting
Sales & Marketing
  • Print Ready Leave Behind Material
  • Print Ready Product Comparisons
  • Develop & Sell App in Marketplace
  • Membership to Training Organizations
  • ClearCenter Product Training
  • Custom Marketing Material
Commercial Support
  • Special ClearCenter Product Pricing
  • Special Third Party Product Pricing
  • Monthly Product Pricing
Partner Commitment
  • Partner Enrollment Fee
  • Product Purchase Commitment*
  • Regional Fee**
  • An Active Company Website
  • An Active E-Mail Address with Your Domain
  • Link Exchange with ClearCenter
Skilled Training
  • Certification Commitment
Skilled Deployment
  • Active ClearOS Production Environments
Registered Partner
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • $150/year
  • -
  • -
  • -
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Recommended Partner
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • $2,500/year
  • -
  • 5
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Regional Partner
  • -
  • $36,000/year
  • $5,000 per 1M Population
  • 10
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ENROLL *Product purchase commitment must be met prior to enrollment. Ongoing annual purchase commitments apply to retain partner status.
**Each geographic region will be assessed a one-time regional fee based upon population at the time of enrollment. Pricing is $5,000 USD per 1M population.
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