ClearCARE Support

Leave your worries behind and get the most out of your ClearPHONE with ClearCARE!

Every ClearPHONE comes with ClearCARE, the online support app that is there when you need it. Tap the app and chat with a pro. It’s that easy

We get it, there are new apps all the time, and new ways to do things. Sometimes it’s just easier to have somebody show you how it’s done.

ClearCARE comes pre-installed on the ClearPHONE 220, 420, and 620 models. To activate, all you have to do is tap the app

ClearCARE Support

What we will provide

ClearCELL Network *

ClearCELL runs on The Nation’s most reliable network without collecting your personal data. The Voice, Text and Data service is included in the monthly subscription.

ClearID Security

Using ClearID Security, everything you create, share, and store is protected. You essentially have your own private ‘cloud’ that you control. Available with ClearDID in Q2 2021.

ClearGM Protection

A personalized dashboard helps you create and apply different rule sets to different devices.This allows you to customize each family member’s online experience.

ClearMED TeleHealth

ClearMED TeleHealth lets you connect with Doctor, Dermatologist and Therapist. Available with ClearDID in Q2 2022

ClearCARE Setup *

ClearCARE Setup helps ensure moving from iphone or phones that are 4 years or older. Also, inculdes personal setup when moving to your ClearPHONE such as Photos, Contacts, Texts, Emails, Calender and Applications.

ClearPHONE Warranty

ClearPHONE products come with a 24-month limited product warranty. The following sections detail the terms of the ClearPHONE Limited Product Warranty and Return Policy.