ClearHealth Research Membership ($99.00 yearly or $9.90 monthly fee. Select below.)


The ClearHealth Research Membership is a group of willing and forward thinking people that are excited to contribute AND participate in the advancement and exploration of non-invasive leading-edge health services. As a member of the team, you will be invited to join numerous research studies aimed at delivering the most advanced health and wellness services available. Many of these studies will test and validate new frequency, advanced biofeedback, and quantum physics-based approaches to delivering health protocols to the body. Each study will allow you to accumulate more information on your own health status while helping us discover additional solutions for yourself and others.

Once validated by the community, these new services along with research data, high level results and your testimonials will be released as products to the broader ClearUnited membership.


  • Contribute both funding & participation in a set of advanced health services as an option to Big Pharma.
  • All fees go to support research studies.
  • Receive scans & remedies from participating studies.
  • Receive 20% off of various ClearHealth product services & advanced study fees.
  • All personal health data protected on decentralized architecture and accessed or shared only by you with your personal master ID.
  • Available world-wide.
  • Contribute to study directions via prioritization voting.
  • Engage and bring in special interest groups.