ClearOS 6 Community

ClearOS 6, Community Edition is an open-source, linux server operating system. This edition is built for linux experts and hobbyists who enjoy bleeding edge code, and contributing to a community of global users with suggestions and forums support. All updates, bug fixes, patches and security fixes are provided free (albeit untested) from upstream sources. Features span 75+ IT functions from domain control, network & bandwidth control, messaging and more!

This Free Subscription Includes: 

  • Forums Support Only 
  • Untested Code / Updates
  • Built for Hobbyists & Linux Experts
  • No User Fees
  • $FREE$ Forever
  • Cloud Managed

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Final Release Downloads:

ClearOS 6.7 Professional Edition   Final Release 64 bit ISO* Download
ClearOS 6.7 Professional Edition   Final Release 32 bit ISO* Download
ClearOS 6.7 Community Edition   Final Release 64 bit ISO* Download
ClearOS 6.7 Community Edition   Final Release 32 bit ISO* Download

Developer Downloads:

ClearOS 6.8 Community Edition   Release Candidate 64 bit ISO** (coming)
ClearOS 6.8 Community Edition   Beta 64 bit ISO** (coming)

Installation Guides, Release Notes, & Documentation:

ClearOS 6.7 | User Guide   View
ClearOS 6.7 | Change Log   View
ClearOS 6.7 | Bug Tracker   View
ClearOS 6.7 | Release Notes   View
ClearOS 6.6 | Release Notes   View
ClearOS 6.5 | Release Notes   View
ClearOS 6.4 | Release Notes   View
ClearOS 6.3 | Release Notes   View
ClearOS 6.2 | Release Notes   View
ClearOS 6.1 | Release Notes   View
ClearOS 6.0 | Release Notes   View

*SECURITY CHECK: When downloading a final release ClearOS ISO, use the following check sums for security verification. Click here for information on how to do this.

  • MD5sum: a094763e6ed5d9b073fd4e651f9a48f1
  • SHA256sum: b4da8ffa10945e4d95478edb32f7a3dd9691f9a6c6d7820b1ffa346f6eb6a878
  • Size: 816Mb

**DEVELOPER NOTE: No release date has been set for ClearOS 6.8.