ClearSCAN Interactive and IQS Wellness Coach Program

For Wellness Coach Practitioners

Package Price(Both IQS and Coach Program)

Pre-release Special Pricing

Pre-release pricing is only available until the launch. Then the ClearSCAN Interactive will cost $14,999 and the IQS Coach Program will be $299/month or $2,990/year.


ClearSCAN Interactive is an Interactive Query System (IQSTM) which allows a certified IQSWellness Coach to communicate with a person’s body and utilize the body’s internal diagnostic and healing abilities. This offering is for health practitioners or those that want to become a health practitioner. The IQSTM can be used to query the body about allergies, nutritional needs, chronic conditions and help it along the path to “optimal health”.

The IQSTM and IQS Wellness Coach program are for those big hearted people that want to create a business to coach others to understand and resolve their health concerns. The IQS Wellness Coach program provides the certification training and ongoing maintenance and upgrades to the IQSTM.

IQS Features

Interactive IQSTMFeatures
  • 40 yrs in development
  • Q-Port Interactive Devices
  • Electro-Dermal-Dialog Software
  • Start-up kit and user manual
  • Includes HP Laptop

IQS Wellness Coach Program Features
IQS Health Coaching Features:
  • Online Skills Training
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Certification Programs
  • Client Online Report Support
  • Mastermind Groups
  • Wellness Coach Webinars
  • Software & Library Updates
  • Directory Services

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