ClearTUNE Study (12-Month Study)

Pre-release Special Pricing

12 months of Tuning in 4 Chambers & 4 Remote Scans
One scan per quarter to track your progress


ClearHealth is studying the effectiveness of remote DNA Frequency Tuning of the body based on emerging understanding of Quantum Entanglement. Specific health tuning frequencies are applied to collected DNA (saliva, urine, hair). The DNA then transports the frequency support information to your body via the DNA's Quantum antennae. Tuning chambers are used to store and tune hundreds of DNA samples with unique frequency tuning protocols assigned to each chamber. You can make your selections from a growing list of chambers. 


  • Includes 4 Remote Scans
  • Tuning in 4 Chambers
  • 7/24 Tuning
  • On Decentralized Network
  • Prioritize Chamber Dev Order
  • 12mo access to Health Portal
  • Date Comparative Reports
  • DNA Collection Kit included

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