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WARNING: Many big phone manufacturers maintain legal ownership of your cell phone and your personal data.
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Is your Digital Privacy at risk?

  • Concerned about your personal data ( Photos, Contacts, Texts )
  • Feel sick that your kids could be tracked and profiled by online predators?
  • Frustrated about constant news about hacks compromising users’ sensitive data?
My name is Michael Proper…and let me tell you: I CAN RELATE to all these feelings and frustrations with your privacy being disrupted. I have spent 25+ years in the technology industry. I built one of the largest MSP (technology) companies in the USA with over 90 employees.

I've been in the rooms and heard some of the top tech leaders talk about what their intentions are to take your personal and private data from your phones and what they will do with it. Then something shifted inside of me, and I knew I had to do something about it.

That is why I sold that company (to Hewlett Packard) and started a new company, brought my family to New Zealand and started ClearCenter, in a country that has laws that would protect the technology from invasive legislation from other countries.

The ClearPHONE is the result of 9 years & thousands of hours of development & planning. My family, friends, relatives and I feel so much more at peace and free as a result of having this protection.

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ClearPHONE benefits

  • Protect your family’s digital privacy
  • Communicate with the people in your world in a safe and secure way
  • Preserves peace of mind & tranquility in your life
  • Prevent cancel culture from restriction your freedoms and being shut out of your favorite platforms.
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Who is ClearUnited?

ClearPhone is a member of Clear companies including ClearUnited. ClearUnited is a company under the umbrella of all of the Clear Companies: ClearFoundation, ClearCenter, ClearCellular, ClearSoftware & ClearCommunity. Today, ClearCenter supports more than 10 million end-user spanning more than 430,000 deployments in 154 countries worldwide and in over 86 languages.

ClearCenter has 11 offices worldwide in india, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines. Netherlands, Canada, China, Taiwan, and the United States.

New Products


ClearPHONE 223

$ 499 USD


ClearPHONE 423

$ 999 USD

Projected Release Date Oct 2023

ClearPHONE 623

$ 1,199 USD

Projected Release Date Nov 2023

NEW ! All editions now also available without Google

  • Improved Privacy and Security
  • Sets up in Minutes
  • Easy to Use