ClearOS Professional 6.3.0 Released

ClearOS Professional 6.3.0 Released

07 Aug

ClearOS Professional 6.3.0 has arrived! Along with the usual round of enhancements, this release introduces new apps focused on the mail server stack. Anchored on the Zarafa for ClearOS solution, you can now implement an on-premise or private cloud mail server using ClearOS. This release includes the following new apps: Zarafa Community for ClearOS, Mail Antivirus, Mail Antispam, Antispam Updates, Greylisting, and more.

ClearOS Professional 6.3.0 includes Zarafa Professional, which is exclusive to ClearOS Professional. Mail Antimalware Premium powered by Kaspersky and Gateway Antimalware Premium powered by Kaspersky are also now optional to ClearOS Professional users. The Zarafa solution provides Outlook support (calendaring, tasks, etc.) as well as integrated mailbox backup.

It is important to note that the Zarafa Community for ClearOS is a paid app - just $10 - from a member of the community so technical support will be provided by the community and the app developer. Zarafa Professional will be eligible for professional technical support via ClearCARE.

hat's New in ClearOS Professional 6.3.0

Along with updating the base system built on source code from Red Hat Enterprise Linux 1) 6.3, this release includes the following major changes.

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