ClearOS Server 7.7 Released for Community Edition

ClearOS Server 7.7 Released for Community Edition

21 Oct


ClearOS Server version 7.7 of the ClearOS Community edition has been released. Current ClearOS 7 Server Community edition users should automatically receive the update.

In addition to important security updates, version 7.7 features two exciting applications in the ClearOS Marketplace, Storage Manager and App-Sia.


Storage Manager
One of the most-requested features by ClearOS Server administrators over the years has been for a streamlined interface allowing better drive configuration without the need for command line instructions.

Storage Manger is a ClearOS Server utility that allows you to configure hard drives and partitions in any method that best suits your individual IT needs.

Storage Manager can help fast-track deployment of many ClearOS-based storage solutions including Flexshare, web servers, Plex Media Server, Network Attached Storage (NAS), Serviio Media Server, and the recently announced Sia Manager app.
In addition, this app allows for other storage-centric applications to use the underlying libraries for storage management in order to accomplish their own storage needs through a central API.

App-Sia (Sia Manager app)
Sia is a new type of decentralized global cloud storage platform that connects users who need file storage with hosts offering underutilized hard drive capacity. Blockchain technology secures all data and enables improved economics for users and hosts.

Hosts on the Sia network earn Siacoin in exchange for renting out excess storage on servers running as a Sia node.

In the past, anyone interested in earning Sia needed to deploy a Sia node through a complicated command-line structure. With the Sia Manager app on ClearOS Server, anyone can quickly deploy a Sia node using the built-in Graphical User Interface (GUI) created by the ClearCenter team. ClearOS Server makes it easy to configure hard drives, RAIDs, and partitions in best-practices configurations depending on your needs.

Other notable new ClearOS Server 7.7 features include:
- Improved Network Bridge Support
- Two unannounced apps to coincide with the coming ClearOS 7.7 Business release
- Merge kernel with upstream (QoS changes previously release allow for QoS on systems without modified kernel)
- Merge of upstream Samba (Domain functions now properly supported upstream)
- DNSMasq merged with upstream (previously merged)
    If you are new to ClearOS Server, look at the ClearOS Editions comparison page then grab an .iso and check it out.