Privacy-first ClearPHONE with ClearOS Mobile Launched on Kickstarter

Privacy-first ClearPHONE with ClearOS Mobile Launched on Kickstarter

08 Oct

New phone and OS gives consumers control to block ads, trackers and unwanted content.

 A Clear company, ClearUnited, today announced the launch of ClearPHONE featuring ClearOS Mobile on Kickstarter.

ClearPHONE is a new type of privacy-first smartphone that runs Android apps but also gives consumers total control over their internet experience by blocking ads, cookies, trackers, behavior profiling, phishing, viruses, spyware, malware — and if desired, any type of unwanted website or content the owner deems inappropriate.

The phone features great hardware tightly integrated with ClearOS Mobile - a modified version of Android that's based on a decade's worth of experience creating Linux-based ClearOS Server security products for IT departments distributed through partnerships with Hewlett Packard Enterprise and other server hardware vendors.

ClearPHONE is built on the philosophy that consumers should have the power to control their phones instead of big tech companies. ClearPHONE respects its users and their data.

ClearPHONE is:

Private - No behavior profiling, or apps that listen in on your conversations.

Fast - Without ads and trackers, websites load up to 8 times faster using less data.

Secure - No Facebook, Google or other tracking from big data companies - you don't even need to sign into ClearPHONE with accounts from these companies.

Safe - You decide what websites and content you want to allow or block. ClearPHONE can even force web and YouTube searches into Safe Mode.

“Since 2009, ClearOS Server has been deployed over 500,000 times to protect networks and servers across the globe,” said ClearUnited Founder Michael Proper. “We are now building these security tools into consumer-friendly offerings and also launching a new consumer brand, ClearUnited, that will donate 100% of our profits from these products to charities around the world.”

ClearPHONE with ClearOS Mobile is launching on Kickstarter today. See to learn more.

About ClearUnited

ClearUnited's core mission is to empower everyone, everywhere, with the technology to free ourselves from big tech companies by arming individuals and families with personal control over their privacy, protecting children's online safety, owning our digital Identity, and securing our data. We believe in digital freedom, liberty, and choice. ClearUnited donates 100% of its profits to worldwide charities that align with ClearUnited’s core mission. Visit to learn more.