Secure and Enhance Your Productivity With The Kopano Communications App

Secure and Enhance Your Productivity With The Kopano Communications App

13 Apr

Today ClearCenter welcomes Kopano to the ClearOS Marketplace. Kopano is an additional sharing & communication application to replace Microsoft Exchange. The integration into ClearOS's Directory and the streamlined integration into the ClearOS Marketplace will save ClearCenter's Partners hours on every installation.

Like ClearOS Kopano is built on open source. That means clarity about what you’re getting, easy integration, and a transparent business model. Kopano gives you flexible control of your data. Keep it either on-premises or in the cloud. Use the Kopano S/MIME add-on to focus on the identity of the sender and the privacy of your email.

Kopano helps you work smarter with people within and outside your organization. A single interface gives you email, contacts, advanced calendaring, file sharing, web meetings and more.

Web meetings take advantage of high-quality audio, video, chat and presentation tools. You get instant communication whether or not your co-workers use Kopano themselves.

Kopano Core provides the solid foundation for groupware messaging enabling rich clients such as Kopano WebApp, Kopano DeskApp, mobile and sync clients. With its modular architecture, Kopano Core enables the possibility for a variety of setup scenarios, scalable from a very low powered system to a multi-datacentre setup providing messaging capabilities to tens of thousands of users.

You have control over your data anytime and anywhere: on-premises or in the private/hybrid cloud. It is designed to be easy to integrate with existing environments and its modular architecture contributes to built-in scalability and high availability options. Kopano Core, a 100% MAPI compatible backend provides the architecture for industry-leading features such as ACL’s, meetings requests, advanced calendaring and presence.

Kopano Core provides all traditional groupware functionality with e-mail, advanced calendaring, contacts, tasks and notes. With full support for ACLs, public folders, delegation, enterprise search and much more, Kopano Core is perfectly suited for usage as messaging platform with professional needs in communication. The native implementation of MAPI allows conversion-less interoperability providing its rich feature-set to a broad range of clients, including mobile integration.

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