ClearCenter Press Kit

ClearCenter Press Kit

03 May

ClearCenter is redefining the future of IT Management for small and medium sized organizations in a revolutionary way that is simple, secure and affordable.

ClearCenter has created ClearOS an open source operating system that is uniquely tailored to fit the IT needs of almost any environment. ClearOS was designed to be simple, secure and affordable. Before ClearOS, most small IT shops bought and maintained a rack full of several hardware and software solutions from multiple vendors. Typical deployments consisted of firewalls, switches, routers, NAS/SAN storage and servers. There was also the need to buy and/or pay yearly maintenance agreements for software like server Operating Systems, virtualization, domains, directories or firewall updates. ClearCenter has redefined the way IT shops deploy and manage core services. Thanks to ClearOS, you can now replace everything in your rack with just one server and ClearOS.

Apps and Services vs. Individual Appliances

ClearOS built-in features combined with easily accessible ClearOS Marketplace apps completely replace all of the old piecemeal hardware, software, servers, security appliances and management components in your current rack. Now all server, network and gateway functions are run on a single piece of hardware presenting a smaller attack surface. Even though all major components run on the same box, you can still maintain isolation over each core function with a separate IP addressing scheme.

ClearOS Marketplace apps include multiple firewalls, content filtering, intrusion prevention and detention, weekly signature updates, dynamic VPN, reporting, bandwidth control, directories, domains, databases, FTP, file sharing, file scanning, print servers, backups, email, on-premises/cloud storage and more. Use ClearOS and Marketplace apps in a single small deployment for your small business/organization or easily link multiple ClearOS installs spanning multiple physical locations for a distributed enterprise model.

ClearOS By the Numbers

• 10.3 million users
• 400,000+ deployments
• 150+ countries
• 7 years in development
• 100+ Marketplace apps

ClearOS at a Glance

• Based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS
• Created by open source and IT industry veterans
• Replaces everything in your rack with one server
• Simplifies IT management through one console
• Gives you enterprise-grade security on a small-business budget

Your Choice of Flexible Deployment Options

As you know, many typical IT infrastructure components are moving to cloud based models. However, to fully protect your network, devices and users, there will always be a need for some pieces to run on-premise. ClearOS features flexible deployment methods providing Hybrid on-premise and cloud options unmatched by any other IT operating platform.

Connect to Hybrid cloud-based elements like Google Apps for authentication or Dropbox for cloud storage to augment your on-premises infrastructure. You can even deploy a private cloud storage solution like ownCloud. ClearOS gives you the flexibility to decide which IT pieces run locally vs. in the cloud while seamlessly integrating all components via a single console.