Public | "Hybrid" | Private - What's IT going to be?

Public | "Hybrid" | Private - What's IT going to be?

07 Apr

Almost five years ago, HP announced it was going to offer public cloud services. Today, according to the New York Times, HP announced it's leaving the public cloud business...

I recall chucking a "hybrid cloud" wrench in a CompTIA Cloud Committee pioneer meeting about this very topic with HP Executives - centred around focusing on your core competencies. Now, "Ms. Whitman hopes to build smaller cloud systems, while figuring out ways companies can also use Amazon or Microsoft." Hummm... wonder how they are going to do that. :)

It's about allowing the customer/partner to be in control while being flexible and providing real IT value. IT's simple, or at least IT should be. :)

More to come.... Shhhhh. Looking forward to breaking some news with Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols over the coming weeks. Sure love reviewing his IT industry coverage