ClearCenter Details Hybrid Service Provider Strategy At CompTIA Breakaway 2010

11 Aug

ClearCenter’s ClearBOX and ClearOS on-premise solutions integrate seamlessly with cloud-based applications and services such as Google Apps.

San Antonio, TX - August 9, 2010 - ClearCenter, a leading provider of open source Linux Server, Network and Gateway solutions, today detailed its Hybrid Service Provider strategy during the “Selling the Green IT Promise” panel discussion at CompTIA Breakaway 2010. ClearCenter’s ClearBOX 300 is a power efficient Linux server that consolidates all on-premise Server, Network and Gateway functionality with integrated cloud based services including Google Apps, Remote Server Backup, Content Filter Update, Dynamic VPN and more.

“From its inception, ClearBOX was designed to integrate cloud based services with on-premise solutions for Network, Server and Gateway functionality,” said Micheal Proper, CEO, ClearCenter. He continued, “Most applications are moving to the cloud, but there will always be on-premise Server, Network and Gateway functionality. ClearBOX 300 elegantly provisions services, updates, monitoring, and backup through ClearSDN - ClearCenter’s cloud based Service Delivery Network.”

Hybrid cloud is widely understood as a combination of public, community or private cloud applications offered under a measured or monthly service model. ClearCenter’s ClearBOX 300 operates on-premise to perform critical functions on the local area network while seamlessly integrating cloud based services and applications. Hybrid cloud solutions can also create mirrored or duplicate services for both LAN and Internet based environments, so that applications and data are always available in the case of loss of connection or disaster recovery.

ClearBOX fulfills the “green” IT promise by consolidating all on-premise Server, Network and Gateway functions into a single hardware appliance to dramatically reduce the eco-footprint and energy requirements for the small or distributed business. What used to require an entire IT server rack for a small business - Gateway, VPN, file server, print server, application servers and more - is now replaced by a single, power efficient server integrated with cloud based applications and services.

ClearCenter Partners gain from the Hybrid Service Provider cloud strategy by providing more than valuable consulting and configuration services for ClearCenter solutions. The hybrid cloud strategy also enables recurring revenue from both ClearCenter services and cloud based applications. ClearCenter Partners are experts in creating the appropriate hybrid cloud environment for each customer based upon their individual needs, applications and security requirements.