ClearBOX Now Running ClearOS 5.2

02 Aug

ClearBOX running ClearOS 5.2 is released! This release includes new features and utilities. Some of these features are contributions from community members and innovations at ClearCenter labs.

In addition to the great features provided by ClearOS 5.2, ClearBOX 300 now features:

  • Ability to reinstall the system without a network connection using on-board data.
  • Ability to reinstall the system and preserve user data on the user partition. This includes preserving home directories, flexshares, databases, websites, and other user data.
  • Simplified installer. Installer typically now asks for language and keyboard type only (the install image knows it's a ClearBOX).
  • Working rescue mode selectable from boot menu.
  • Addition of Parted Magic graphical disk utilities selectable from boot menu (props to the Parted Magic team for an awesome set of tools).
  • Reinstall now automatically adds ClearBOX features and packages.
  • System and user data partitions are now configured with LVM by default.
  • Single drive systems configured as 'broken mirror' which facilitates quick mirroring for migration scenarios in disaster recovery situations.

ClearBOX is an all inclusive ClearOS appliance solution for businesses and users. Get the most out of ClearOS, get yours today!