Economic Downturn Rewards Innovations Like ClearOS

08 Nov
Sometimes downturns in the economy create a healthy atmosphere. Recently John Gerzema spoke on the power consumers have to drive innovation in post-recession times. Consumers demand lower prices and less hassle. Producers are thrust into a reality of innovate or die. Although some see it as a time of economic pain and frustration, others see opportunity. In these circumstances, producers who find ways to deliver more for less can quickly grab large chunks of the market.

Opensource software is positioned perfectly for these economic times. As consumers seek for alternatives to high priced proprietary solutions, they expect quality products at a fraction of the cost.

ClearOS is a perfect opensource solution for the current economy. Consumers can handle all their IT needs without filling out a rack of seperate hardware and software solutions. The message to consumers: Free Software, One Box, Opt-In Cloud Services.