ClearOS, A Perfect Solution For The Perfect Storm

20 Oct
Today we are all influenced by economic forces beyond our control. The IT industry is one that has been hit particularly hard. Not only are companies moving their IT needs to the cloud and increasingly adopting SAAS solutions, but the money that once supported a large in-house IT department just isn't there anymore. Last year 1.2 million IT jobs were lost according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. And if the first half of this year is any indication it's not getting any better.

With such uncertainty businesses are looking for solutions that will save them money, and IT professionals are looking for new alternatives to make a living. Such a situation is a perfect time for open source solutions. Recently redhat released a white paper entitled "The Perfect Storm, Why Now Is The Time For Open Source".

Quoting redhat, "Technology is more critical than ever for enabling businesses to function efficiently and innovate for competitive advantage. Yet IT budgets are being slashed to the bone. Given that businesses currently spend 80% of their IT budgets just to keep the business going, according to Forrester Research — and that 30% of that budget goes straight into paying the salaries of employees performing routine maintenance — few businesses have the capital to invest in new hardware or software.

....According to a survey of IT and business managers performed in 2008 by, 53% of businesses are already using open source, and another 10% plan to deploy open source within the next 12 months. Even more significantly, 44% of all respondents said they compare open source applications head- to-head with proprietary solutions during product evaluations."

ClearCenter recognizes the strain of the economy on both companies and IT professionals. Our purpose is to provide a source of revenue to the unemployed of the IT world and to make IT Management simple and affordable for SMBs. ClearCenter is accepting applications to join the partner program, and ClearOS is available via download at ClearFoundation.