Alan E. Hall Joins ClearCenter Team as Non-Executive Chair

Alan E. Hall Joins ClearCenter Team as Non-Executive Chair

02 May

The MarketStar Founder and Chairman joins the ClearCenter leadership team and will leverage his experience in entrepreneurial and IT Channel sales success to help guide ClearCenter as it continues to experience rapid growth. 

ClearCenter welcomes Mr. Hall and his invaluable experience, vision and clarity of purpose. Mr. Hall founded MarketStar in 1988 with the goal to help other companies boost and maintain high levels of sales growth. In between 1988 to the time Mr. Hall sold MarketStar to the Omnicom Group in 2002, MarketStar had influenced sales of more than $13 billion for MarketStar’s customers including major computer hardware provider Hewlett-Packard. Mr. Hall continues his efforts to this day as Chairman of the company while MarketStar closes more than $6 billion in sales each year for its customers.

“I have always been impressed with open source technologies because they can help level the playing field for how technology is used,” said Alan E. Hall. “Organizations today simply cannot succeed without proper IT security and management systems in place. Before ClearOS, only companies with big budgets and large IT staffs could set up and maintain these complex and expensive systems at scale. Today, ClearOS empowers any organization of any size or budget to quickly deploy effective IT security and management environments.”

In his new role, Mr. Hall will report to ClearCenter’s Founder and CEO Michael Proper and will help guide ClearCenter through its growth curve as ClearOS rapidly expands worldwide into the IT security and management industry with its products for home, small-to-medium size business, distributed enterprise and nonprofit sectors. ClearOS currently has more than 400,000 deployments spanning 154 countries and is on track to outperform its projected growth rates.

“I am humbled and honored to have someone of Alan’s experience, vision and stature join the ClearCenter team,” said ClearCenter Founder and CEO Michael Proper. “Alan’s ideals and values line up well with our purpose and goal to help any organization benefit from access to the highest level of IT security and management capabilities. Through our work with the ClearFoundation, thousands of open source software developers and our dedicated core team of industry experts, we have benefited from the proverbial concept of ‘standing on the shoulders of giants’ to help ClearOS exist and thrive. Alan however is certainly one of the tallest giants yet to be involved with our mission.”