All ClearOS Users Now Can Get Free CLEAR Tokens

All ClearOS Users Now Can Get Free CLEAR Tokens

24 Jan

Did you know you can get free CLEAR Tokens just for running ClearOS? If you're already running ClearOS, it takes only a few minutes to get ready and start earning your CLEAR Tokens. Read on to learn how.

The teams at ClearCenter and ClearFoundation have been hard at work over the last few weeks setting up a seamless integration between the Clear SDN Portal and the ClearFoundation Portal. The work is now complete and it's now extremely easy for ClearOS users to start getting free CLEAR Tokens

All current and future ClearOS users can easily take advantage of our joint efforts to start receiving CLEAR Tokens by automatically getting daily or weekly tickets to enter in ClearFoundation's Community Daily Bonanza Giveaway program.

What Do I Need To Get Started?

All you have to do is set up a free ClearFoundation Portal account and free digital wallet using the same email address used on your existing Clear SDN Portal account used to register your ClearOS system(s). (Note: see the "Important Links To Read" section at the bottom of this post for links to detailed instructions on setting up your account and wallet.)

That's all it takes! As long as you're using the same email address for both portals, and keep your ClearOS system up-and-running, you'll automatically start earning tickets for the Bonanza Giveaway program.

We know that's kind of crazy, but we want to reward our loyal ClearOS users whenever possible and giving you your share of CLEAR Tokens is a wonderful way to thank you for using ClearOS.

If you are running the free ClearOS 7 Community edition (or later version) you'll automatically receive 1 Bonanza Giveaway ticket for each week your ClearOS system stays powered on and connected to the internet.

However, if you are running any paid edition of ClearOS 7 (or later version) you'll automatically receive 1 Bonanza Giveaway ticket for each day your ClearOS system stays powered on and connected to the internet.

Yes, you read that right! You'll get 1 ticket per day for any paid version. This includes ClearOS 7 Home (only $3 per month), and any version of ClearOS 7 Business (starting at $9 per month).

In addition to the enterprise-grade server, network and gateway features you get with the paid versions of ClearOS, you'll get 1 ticket per day to enter in the Bonanza Giveaway!

CLEAR Tokens vs. Bonanza Giveaway Tickets

You may be wondering how many CLEAR Tokens you can get for each Bonanza Giveaway ticket. The amount can vary depending on the day you choose to enter your ticket(s) in the Bonanza Giveaway and how many other people have entered tickets on that day.

We've tied the Bonanza Giveaway to more than 160 Independence Days for countries all over the world as a way to celebrate the freedom, security and independence that Blockchain and cryptocurrencies bring to the world.

The allotment of CLEAR Tokens for any given day depends on whether any countries have Independence Days on a given date and if so, the population of those countries.

To see the CLEAR Token allotment for any given day, sign into your ClearFoundation Portal account, click on the Tickets section at the top, then scroll down to the calendar area. Mouse over any date on the calendar showing a country's flag to see the allotment for that country's Independence Day. A date not associated with any country's Independence Day (no flag shown) will have a Bonanza Giveaway daily allotment of 1 million CLEAR Tokens.

At the end of each 24-hour period, that day's allotment of CLEAR Tokens will be distributed evenly among each participant who entered a ticket during that period. For example, if that day's allotment is 1 million CLEAR Tokens and if there are 100 participants during that period, then each of those 100 individuals receive an even split ( 10,000 tokens each).

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