ClearCenter Acquires Minebox IT Services GmbH

ClearCenter Acquires Minebox IT Services GmbH

29 Nov

ClearCenter is pleased to announce that it has acquired Minebox IT Services GmbH in a move to round out ClearCenter’s Hybrid IT Linux-based IT management operating system, ClearOS. Minebox is headquartered in Vienna, Austria, and today’s announcement was made at the HPE Discover 2017 show in Madrid, Spain. Both Minebox and ClearCenter have partnerships with HPE and each have optimized their solutions for HPE’s new Gen10 line of ProLiant servers.

"The escalation of general interest in the blockchain has produced a spike in security concerns around protecting blockchains and associated technologies," said Michael Proper, ClearCenter Founder and CEO. "By integrating Minebox with ClearOS and ClearCenter’s Gateway.Management security layer, we will together provide the most secure method to manage hybrid on-premises and cloud-based storage.”

Minebox is based on an open source decentralized cloud backend. It stores your files locally like Network Attached Storage (NAS) but also keeps encrypted pieces of your files on multiple nodes around the world. This eliminates any single point of failure, ensures redundancy and offers the highest possible uptime. With Minebox, you hold the encryption keys and own your data. No outside entity can access or control your files.

"ClearCenter is a perfect fit together with Minebox's employees and customers," said Minebox CEO and COO Vlado Petrushev. "By joining forces with ClearCenter, we will be able to support a larger audience, expand into new markets and build new products to serve data storage needs for the coming decades."

ClearCenter's ClearOS is a simple, secure, and affordable open source server operating system that includes critical gateway, network and cloud security features. It delivers a powerful IT management solution with an elegant user interface that is completely web-based. A key service within ClearOS is the Gateway.Management security layer. ClearCenter plans for a tight integration with Gateway.Management and Minebox technology.

Gateway.Management operates as a service inside the ClearOS operating system to enable smart network security features, including full egress control and Machine Learning-based whitelisting, features that allow customers to protect networks, machines and users without expensive hardware, subscriptions, or labor costs.

"The one layer of security that consistently mitigates modern threats, even during zero-day periods, is egress control," said David Redekop, ClearCenter Security Architect and Gateway.Management creator. "The traditional methodology for security is too often an allow-all-block-some approach. Egress control is about applying the opposite approach, block-all-allow-some. From an endpoint device, this Zero-trust Model means that all outbound access is denied unless whitelisted."