ClearOS 7.3.0 Is Fully Released

ClearOS 7.3.0 Is Fully Released

04 Mar
ClearCenter is proud to announce the full release of ClearOS 7.3.

This is a minor release of ClearOS and focuses on important security updates as well as increased compatibility with computers running UEFI.
New Features Included in 7.3.0 Release and Since 7.2.0:
  • Reverse Proxy App
  • Domoticz IoT Automation 
  • Application Filter
  • Protocol Filter
  • APC™ Battery Backup Manager
  • Full support for UEFI booting

New Upstream Features and improvements Include:
Improvements to OpenSCAP framework (for developers).
MACsec is now available for development.
Flushing capabilities in the audit daemon
IdM library improvements for developers
HMM Technology Preview
Lightweight kernel support improvements to Open vSwitch (for developers)
Developer Support for Coherent Accelerator Process Interface flash block adapter
Technology preview for Kernel SCHED_DEADLINE
Support for NVDIMMs through libnvdimm
CephFS kernel module
pNFS SCSI file sharing
IoT support improved to support Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) devices.
IoT Controller Area Network device drivers now supported in kernel
Kernel support for embedded MMC interface v5

ClearOS 7 features a Community, Home, and Business version. All versions of ClearOS will install from the same install image. You will be required to select your version during the initial setup wizard on the first boot after ClearOS is installed.

To download the latest ISO, please visit:

SHA256SUM: 0ba358dddf233f1631db8bf48911c1a7838887a1c854980c5a1d17c1a59d5812

Please visit and review the release notes here: