How to Create a ClearFoundation Portal Account and CLEAR Token Wallet

How to Create a ClearFoundation Portal Account and CLEAR Token Wallet

01 Oct

The ClearFoundation CLEAR Token Public Bonanza Giveaway program will begin starting October 12, 2018. You can get ready for the Bonanza Giveaway and also receive 1 free Bonanza Giveaway ticket by completing these 3 steps: 1) create a free account in the ClearFoundation Portal, 2) create a free digital wallet where you can receive your tokens, and 3) confirm your account by entering a one-time code that we'll text to your phone via SMS.

Note: your mobile number can only be used to verify 1 ClearFoundation Portal account.

Instructions for all 3 steps are below:

1) Create Your Free ClearFoundation Portal Account

Creating a ClearFoundation Portal account is simple. Visit and click on the Portal link on the top right section of the site. You should then see a screen that looks like the image below...

The easiest way to get an account is to use one of the top 4 options that use OATH to log you into the ClearFoundation Portal using your existing Facebook, Google, LinkedIn or ClearCenter SDN account. This is the recommended method of creating a ClearFoundation Portal account.  If you use one of the 4 OATH options, you instantly will create a ClearFoundation Portal account the first time you sign in - this is also beneficial as you won’t need to keep track of separate login credentials.

If you want to create a new and unique account without using one of the 4 OATH options,  you can create a ClearFoundation Portal account using your email address and a unique password by clicking on the “Or Register” link at the bottom of the options. If you choose this option, you’ll receive an email to that address with an account confirmation link.

2) Create Your Free Digital Wallet

After signing into the ClearFoundation Portal, you’ll see the Portal Dashboard screen that looks like this…


You’ll notice that in the top Wallets section there is a 0 inside of a red circle. This indicator is a reminder that you need to create at least 1 wallet.

2a) Click on the "Wallets" section at the top next to the 0 inside of a red circle.

You’ll see a series of wallet creation wizard screens the first time you create a wallet. See below for an example of the first wizard screen…

2b) Please read all screens in the wallet creation wizard as each screen contains vital information about your wallet.

After completion of the wallet creation wizard you’ll see a screen that looks like this…

2c) Enter a unique and complex password then click the “Create Wallet” button.

Note: Make sure your password is complex, not easily guessed, and also make sure you save your password. ClearFoundation can NOT recover your password as a security feature.

After clicking the "Create Wallet" button you’ll see a screen that looks like this…

2d) Click on the “Download Keystore File (UTC/JSON)” button to download a JSON file locally to your PC.

Do NOT lose the JSON file and make sure to create a backup of the file as in the future you’ll be able to use the JSON file to unlock your wallet. Do not share the JSON file - treat it as a secret and keep it safe.

2e) After you have downloaded and secured the JSON file, click the red “I understand. Continue.” button.

You’ll now see a screen that looks like this…

Note: Your Private Key and Wallet Address will be different than the characters used in the dummy screen shown above.

2f) Make sure to save your Private Key and your Wallet Address (shown as “Your Address” at the bottom of the above screenshot). Do NOT lose your Private Key and do NOT share it with anyone. Anyone with your Private Key could use it to steal any tokens in your wallet.

It is OK to share your Wallet Address with anyone who wants to transfer tokens into your account including  ClearFoundation.

2g) After you have saved your Private Key and Wallet Address, click on the green “Print your Wallet and Add to ClearFoundation” button.

A new window will pop up that looks similar to this…

2h) Print out this document and/or save it as a PDF. This document shows your same Wallet Address and Private Key along with 2 QR codes that represent your Wallet Address and Private Key. Again, do NOT share your Private Key or the QR code marked “Your Private Key” with anyone. Keep them safe and secret.

2i) After printing or saving the document with the 2 QR codes, close that window.

You’ll now see that the wallet you just created was automatically added to your ClearFoundation dashboard.

Make sure you see a screen that looks similar to this one below…

2j) Verify Your Wallet Has Been Added to Your Account

If you completed the above steps correctly, your first wallet address will automatically be added. You’ll notice that in the Wallet section at the top of the page, the red circle with 0 will turn to a green circle showing a 1. You’ll also notice in the Whitelist Status column (see screenshot above) there will be a red box with the word Processing inside. Wait 15 minutes then refresh the webpage. The Whitelist Status should turn green and say Whitelisted.

At this point, you have completed all of the steps and your wallet is ready to receive CLEAR Tokens!

2k) Manually Adding Your Wallet Address

If for any reason your wallet was not automatically added, you can manually add it at anytime. To manually add your wallet, log into the ClearFoundation Portal and in the dashboard section click the green “Add Address” button shown below then manually enter your wallet address.


3) Confirm Your Account

The final step before receiving your 1 free Bonanza Giveaway ticket is to confirm your account by entering a one-time code that we'll text via SMS to your mobile phone.

3a) Click on the Dashboard section in the top left. You should now see a screen like the one below indicating you have 1 Wallet and prompting you to verify your Mobile Number.

3b) Click on "verify your Mobile Number"

3c) Follow the prompts to enter your mobile number then we'll text you a one-time pass code (OTP) via SMS.

3d) After verification of your mobile number, refresh your browser window and go to the dashboard. You should see your 1 free ticket show up in the "Tickets" section of the dashboard.