Simple, Secure and Affordable SMB Solutions Panel

Simple, Secure and Affordable SMB Solutions Panel

08 Jun

Shab Madina, Manager, Rack and Tower Product Planning HPE moderates a panel featuring ClearCenter CEO Michael Proper, Projipro CEO Mark Warburton, and Trizon President Steve Wilson.

Panel Topic: Simple, secure, affordable solutions for on-premises IT can change the economics for SMBs at HPE Discover Las Vegas 2017.

Todays panel discussed how IT service providers can increase their margins while providing a more simple and less expensive solution to happy customers.

Projipro is a managed service provider who provides ClearOS deployment and management services for 80% of all Projipro customers including Trizon, which has grown from 12 to more than 400 employees in just the last four years. Projipro

ClearOS has scaled with Trizon perfectly through its growth curve and continues to save Trizon money while increasing the net margins for Projipro. It’s a win-win solution all the way around.

Watch the entire panel discussion below: