ClearFoundation Selected to Keynote at World Cryptography Conference

ClearFoundation Selected to Keynote at World Cryptography Conference

25 Oct

If you will be near Las Vegas October 31 - November 2, come see ClearFoundation Chairman Michael Proper present at the World Crypto Cryptography Conference.

Michael will discuss ClearFoundation's announced CLEAR Token offering featuring a platform and marketplace that makes Blockchain nodes and Dapps secure and reliable.

Michael will also discuss ClearFoundation's CLEAR Token daily Community Bonanza Giveaway - a program that will give away more than 10 billion CLEAR Tokens over the coming months. Through the Bonanza Giveaway, ClearFoundation wants to introduce people all over the world to the freedom, independence, and privacy promised by the Blockchain and cryptocurrencies - so we've created a program where everyone on the planet is eligible to get free CLEAR Tokens.

Open to all 7.7 billion of earth’s citizens, the CLEAR Token Community Bonanza Giveaway program is born out of the wish to highlight “Independence Days” all over the world and introduce the world's people to the promise of future freedoms through the implementation and use of cryptocurrencies.