Spock and ClearOS

Spock and ClearOS

28 Mar

If you were to spend your entire life exploring galaxies unknown, in languages completely foreign but necessary to understand, and make decisions based on logic and not emotion…then Spock is the perfect companion. Of course he’s not someone you could enjoy a round of golf with, or spend time with sampling local cuisine; Spock is all business, all the time. And that’s his appeal.

Now consider the mothership you are in command of: the control systems of a small business, or even a large one; or the personal pod you call home. The tech revolution is spawning worlds unexplored with aliens both friendly and tyrannical. A patchwork of tools both in hardware and software bolster your defense, but it is the overall operating system that allows you to work at warp speed while avoiding outside attacks.

Think of ClearOS as Spock on your digital intergalactic journey. He is the operating system that interfaces with all languages, filters out threats, adapts to new environments and maximizes functionality, all while communicating in his unique and straightforward way.

In the way that Spock absorbs intelligence from sources, ClearOS is open source, so the collective knowledge and functionality is multiplied. And although Spock is stoic and his scientific mission is to observe, his core value is to protect the innocents of the universe. This is where Spock and ClearOS mind-meld. The real value of an operating system is its core set of values designed to protect unsuspecting and innocent users from the myriad threats out there in the online galaxy.

ClearOS, in its Vulcan way, logically filters and deflects risks---constantly adapting to new threats and using collective knowledge to improve performance. Like Spock, whose mother was human, and therefore much easier to interface with, ClearOS has a simple user interface that is intuitive and easy to use. It telepathically melds with common user languages since you can manage a ClearOS system using any device and a web browser.

Managing everything from firewalls, to email services, to VPNs  while generating reports on a moving ship is a task only Spock could accomplish, We’re convinced that Spock’s internal operating system is actually ClearOS. Conspiracy theory? Hmmmmm, we’ll let you decide.

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