Conrad Rosenbrock, Ph.D. Joins ClearCenter

Conrad Rosenbrock, Ph.D. Joins ClearCenter

10 Dec

We are pleased to announce that Conrad Rosenbrock, Ph.D. has joined ClearCenter as its Chief Physics Officer and will help to lead multiple teams within ClearCenter's divisions ranging from ClearEnergy to ClearHealth.

Conrad earned his Ph.D. at Brigham Young University (BYU) studying condensed matter, quantum mechanics, computer science, and materials physics.

He also currently serves as an Adjunct Research Professor at BYU where he recently was part of a trio who gained worldwide attention by discovering a groundbreaking method to produce significantly stronger and more pliable metals.

To date, Conrad has worked on a wide variety of research projects and technology business startups dealing with personal health biomarker devices, wearable healthcare devices, and a variety of technologies using machine learning to discover and optimize materials.

“As ClearCenter's companies expand into a broad array of connected ecosystems we need to develop new methods around integrating across all of our technologies utilizing cutting-edge science,” said ClearCenter Founder & CEO Michael Proper. “Conrad has an enormous talent allowing him to see the big picture without losing focus on requirements and details. His unique background spanning multiple areas from quantum mechanics  to artificial intelligence makes him an absolutely perfect fit for the team and future vision.”

“ClearCenter’s teams and leadership have a clear vision and determined focus to make the world a better place,” said Conrad Rosenbrock. “That vision and focus drives innovation toward a bright future that goes far beyond incremental improvements to embrace future technologies that make a real difference. It is a joy for me to help further that vision.”