The Secret Languages of Facebook and Google

The Secret Languages of Facebook and Google

15 Jul

In the 11th and 12th Centuries, the iconic travelling friars used a system of hand gestures and finger alphabets to communicate to each other. Having taken a vow of silence the Monks in this austere lifestyle used sign language to maintain order in their strict hierarchical existence, especially in public. Every monastic order had its own variation of sign language. 

Now, think of all the languages in the world and how we are all connected by the two most common: Facebook and Google. As iconic as Monks. We all know what they are, and what they do. But few of us commoners know how to speak their secret language. And even fewer know how those two languages serve their masters more than their users. OK, now for the plot twist. Think of Monks gone bad. The secret language of Google and Facebook allows them to track us even when we are on privacy mode. There they are in their hooded robes and their secret language inserting tracking codes into all our devices. Every time we sign in with Google or Facebook they take a little more of our souls. We think it’s convenient. We think Google and Facebook have our best interests at heart. But look closely and see them for what they are: unscrupulous marketers in fake Monk robes.

Google and Facebook exist primarily to make money. So while their operating systems allow swipes and photos and location pinpointing and searching and purchasing and a thousand other functions - each of those behaviors is gold to marketers. Your behavior is a prime cash source, sold out to the highest bidder. Yes, the devices we use pretend to care about our privacy. That is all a sham masquerading as righteousness.

So, it’s time to defrock the bad Monks (no offense to the good Monks over the Centuries who have served so faithfully). In order to do that, we must take control of our devices at the Operating System level. The best place to start is with the most omnipresent device: The phone.

For a phone to be truly private it must run on a secured operating system, one that was built with privacy at its core. No back doors, no secret languages, no data shared with marketers, no bad Monks, nada. Which means an operating system that wasn’t designed with a phone in mind at all, one that was meant to keep hospital records and bank statements and legal documents completely private. 

ClearOS has 17 years of use and continued development in sectors that demand privacy. So when phone data leaks started to affect millions of lives, and people were getting just a little creeped out about their phones spying on them, we started researching what it would take to create new phone backed by our airtight operating system and rock-solid content filtration software that could be built upon a foundation of privacy not the exploitation of its users.

A phone powered by ClearOS wouldn’t allow for secret languages that collect and sell data, or track you, or log your shopping choices and try to sell you more. It simply keeps everything about you private. 

Think about that. A phone that is your most trusted confidant. Like an authentic Monk who honors his vow of silence, the phone would not betray you.

Stay tuned for updates coming soon.